Altocumulus (Ac)
Altocumulus duplicatus
Ac lenticularis undulatus
Ac undulatus
Ac translucidus

Altocumulus Duplicatus


Altocumulus Duplicatus.jpg


Man Ray.jpg

In these images altocumulus duplicatus clouds are shown which can be described as two layers of altocumulus. The top layer is located in the upper two thirds of the image, whereas it is covered by a darker Ac-layer at the bottom.

The canvas was painted by the surrealist Man Ray. Here altocumulus perlucidus translidus clouds are shown at the left side of the background and a layer of dense altostratus clouds at the right hand side.

S. Borrmann, Ingelheim, Germany, June 2001

Man Ray, "A l'heure de l'observatoire - Les amoureux", private collection, 9 cm x 21.5 cm, 1932-34 (1964)