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CiFibratus1.jpg: View of a Cirrus fibratus cloud which stems most probably from Cirrus vertebrates.

NightofStars.jpg: In the famous artwork "The Night of the Stars (Cypresses and Village)" created by Vincent Van Gogh the stars and the moon are surrounded by halos. This indicates a high-level cloudiness. The stripy, fibrous structure of the "curls" suggests that these might be Cirrus clouds. Such interpretations are speculation, for sure. The image was created in Saint-Remy and is exhibited in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

CiFibratus2-15.jpg: The images were taken near the Lago Maggiore at a summer afternoon. They present different views of a cloud field consisting of Cirrus fibratus. The clouds and their details were pictured during a time period of 30 min. The series from CiFibratus9-11.jpg clearly demonstrats how the ice crystals at the tip of the clouds are carried away by the flow and vaporize thereby. Except CiFibratus2.jpg and CiFibratus1.jpg the images were exposed with a polarisation filter. Therefore the blue colour of the sky is darker than in the first two images.

CiFibratus1.jpg: S. Borrmann, Ingelheim, Germany, May 2001

NightofStars.jpg: Vincent Van Gogh, "The Night of the Stars (Cypresses and Village)", Oil, 73 cm x 92 cm, 1889, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

CiFibratus2-15.jpg : S. Borrmann, Brezzo di Bedero, Lago Maggiore, Northern Italy, 22 August 2004, 3:17 p.m. to 3:47 p.m.