Cumulonimbus Clouds (Cb)
Cb Calvus
Cb Inflow
Cb Hector I
Cb Hector II
Cb Calvus Capillatus
Cb above Taunus
Cb from Aircraft
Cb in the Tropes
Views of Tropical Cb
Cb Mammatus I
Cb Mammatus II
View from Aircraft
Cb Incus
Cb - Ci I
Cb - Ci II
Squall lines from Cb



Development of Cumulonimbus Clouds


Here one can see the development of a Cumulonimbus above the mountains of Forli. The first images were taken at 11.30 a.m. and show a Cumulonimbus cloud just before icing. The last two pictures show the event 45 minutes later.

Wind shear has inhibited the generation of a complete Cb as a thunderstorm cloud which could generate precipitation.

S. Borrmann, Forli, North Italy, 23 October 2002