Cumulonimbus Clouds (Cb)
Cb Calvus
Cb Inflow
Cb Hector I
Cb Hector II
Cb Calvus Capillatus
Cb above Taunus
Cb from Aircraft
Cb in the Tropes
Views of Tropical Cb
Cb Mammatus I
Cb Mammatus II
View from Aircraft
Cb Incus
Cb - Ci I
Cb - Ci II
Squall lines from Cb



Cumulonimbus Mammatus Clouds
- Series II -


This remarkable series of images was allocated with permission of the ART-WORK-STUDIOS VON KANNEN. It shows the temporal development of Mammatus clouds. The movement of the descending clouds was described as "quick and fluent" like "bubbling milk while cooking".


Günter von Kannen, event of 7 July 1996 at 10 p.m., Moenchengladbach-Schelsen, Germany (Copyrights G. von Kannen).