Cumulonimbus Clouds (Cb)
Cb Calvus
Cb Inflow
Cb Hector I
Cb Hector II
Cb Calvus Capillatus
Cb above Taunus
Cb from Aircraft
Cb in the Tropes
Views of Tropical Cb
Cb Mammatus I
Cb Mammatus II
View from Aircraft
Cb Incus
Cb - Ci I
Cb - Ci II
Squall lines from Cb



Penetration of Cirrus through swelling tropical Cumulus congestus and Cumulonimbus Clouds
- Series II -

More scenes are presented here, where the convective vertical momentum of upwards moving Cumulus clouds was large enough to penetrate the Cirrus layers located above. The cruising altitude was 11300 m and the outside temperature -54 °C. The images were mostly taken from an inclined position to avoid scratches or haze on the window screens of the aircraft. Similar events are summarized in Cumulus penetrating and Penetrating I.

Penetration1.jpg to Penetration8.jpg: S. Borrmann, flight Varig RG2375 from Fortaleza to Sao Paulo in Brazil, 2 March 2004 between 4:44 p.m. and 4:52 p.m.

Camera Parameters

Olympus E-1 SLR with a 14-54 mm objective. Exposure and selectivity choice (100 ASA) was performed by the camera. The images were taken in the sRGB color range with a resolution of 2560 x 1920 Pixel x 24 colors.