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Cumulus Clouds á Rene Magritte


This oil picture was created by the surrealist Rene Magritte. It is named "La corde sensible" (The score point) and exhibited in the Gallery Isy Brachot, Brussels - Paris. It describes - most probably without any intention - the aims of various cloud-physical research topics dealing with possible influences of clouds and artificial rain. The extent of the pictured Cumulus mediocris cloud can be estimated from the mountains in the background. The size of a glass calyx for the collection of its cloud water could be calculated from the data of the liquid water content.

In regard to art and clouds the book "Clouds - Painting - Climate in the past and now" by Prof. Werner Wehry and Franz J. Ossig should be mentioned. It is published by the German Meteorological Association in Brandenburg/Berlin . A corresponding CD-ROM called "Cloud Figures: Clouds - Painting - History" is also available at the German Meteorological Association in Brandenburg/Berlin (see Literature). Furthermore the exhibition "Cloud pictures: the Discovery of the Sky" at the Old National Gallery in Berlin (2004) was also noteworthy.

It showed how clouds were painted since the 15th century. The exhibition catalogue was published under the same name by Bucerius Art Forum, Hirmer Publishing House, Munich (2004).

"The sore point", Rene Magritte (1898 - 1967), format 115 cm x 146 cm, Benedict Publishing Company, 1998