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Tropical Rainforest

In this series clouds passing the Sierra de Luquillo in Puerto Rico are shown. During the field campaign trade wind clouds moved across the mountain and also Cumulus congestus and mediocris which derived from a low pressure system above the Atlantic Ocean. It can be noticed that the visibility varies at the measurement site. Since mostly frazzles of small Cumulus clouds came by, the visibility changed very quickly. At several days the Pico del Este was continuously hidden in clouds for many hours. The mountains in North-easterly Puerto Rico are covered with tropical rainforest and almost each day strong precipitation occurred.

In the centre of Rainforest1.jpg to Rainforest3.jpg the city Luquillo can be noticed with three tall buildings at the left side. Rainforest19.jpg to Rainforest21.jpg were taken from one of these buildings.

More picture of clouds above Puerto Rico are found in chapter Cu Congest V, Seasalt Aerosol, Crepuscular Rays, Rainbow II, Rainshaft and Tradewind Cumulus Clouds.

Forest1-18.jpg: S. Borrmann, Puerto Rico, Pico del Este at Sierra de Luquillo (altitude around 1000 m), RICO-PRACS Field Campaign, 7 to 14 December 2004 at different times of day