Stratocumulus (Sc)
Sc castellanus
Sc lenticularis
Sc stratiformis virga
Sc opacus praecipitatio
Orographic Sc
Sc undulatus


Stratocumulus lenticularis Clouds


Stratocumulus lenticularis below an Altostratus cloud cover. Although Quito is located at a high elevation and the Lenticularis clouds are actually "Alto" related to sea level, they are named "Strato" because such classifications are always made in relation to the distance from the ground.
These clouds were formed as Leewave clouds within the Andes near Quito, Ecuador in the early morning.

In the dent in front of the mountain the developing "Brown Cloud", that means the Brownish colouring of the as a consequence of heating and traffic emissions is recognizable. This "Brown cloud" grew between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. so much that the mountain was not visible anymore.

S. Borrmann; City of Quito, Ecuador, 1 September 2000, around 07:00 p.m.